2021.04.19 6PM (KST) DAY6 Comeback Film

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    2021.04.19 6PM (KST) DAY6 Comeback Film
    Listen to DAY6 (Even of Day) "The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart"
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    1. 고소미


    2. just simping on dahyun

      pls make me cryy agin and again!

    3. Lackadaisicality

      Once again reminded of what an unbelievably good song Letting Go is

    4. Adriana Trejo


      DAY6 hits different. Always...

    6. dee

      Indeed it gives me a throwback to everyday6 era 😳❤ Dangg my heart

    7. 이름성

      데이식스 곡들이 다 좋아서 inst 앨범도 내줬음 좋겠다,,,,

    8. Nur Fariha M A

      Letting go is my favourite..

    9. Valita Valito

      LOS AMO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    10. liz

      10 days

    11. Regina Puspita

      The long awaited moment is just in a few days. I cried.

    12. alexie


    13. Sksk

      These concept+music make me missing something that idk what it is

    14. 다라가나

      놓삼은 반칙이지..

    15. 노잼

      Let's forget all of the jiggly kpop idol dance and listen to the real music, i said DAY6 yall

    16. Karen Ng

      love you

    17. 뭬야

      피날레 음원도 내줘 제왑피,,,,

    18. nay GOT7ATEEZ


    19. Tio Jin

      I'm crying I'm crying I'm crying I'm crying I'm crying

    20. AJ

      dang.. this hits so differently. the nostalgic feeling

    21. pearl beyuh


    22. pearl beyuh

      I'M LOVING THIS!!!!

    23. 패이트

      best boys 😭😭😭

    24. Tisya Athirah


    25. give shinwon more lines

      I can't wait!!

    26. 자주 ZAJU BEAT

      흐아아 놓아놓아놓아.... 돌아와줘서 고맙구먼유.. 데이식스 완전체 ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

    27. alfresco allegory

      I wasjust listening to Letting Go whe I discovered this, the music was familir then it hit me,

    28. bobby sarathoga

      I can't wait watching ZOMBIE live Performance 🤌

    29. intong iin

      Really miss sungjin and jae

    30. Ras gun

      OH MY F GOD!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    31. Marling Valdivia

      No tienen idea de cuan feliz me hace saber que habrá un nuevo álbum, sus canciones me han ayudado a superar tantas cosas. La forma en la que hacen arte es simplemente maravillosa.

    32. Deliana Arahmah

      i cried bcs i see sungjin shadow

    33. mariele

      ent quer dizer q vem ai mais uma depressiva romantica que vai me fazer chorar e pensar a madrugada toda? 💐

    34. nvygum투바투

      siluet yg bikin MLEYOT😭

    35. Pus Puspita

      Ya Allah mas Bri 😭

    36. Harisa Dina

      I'll gonna love it. It gonna be lovely. I've already waiting for your cb

    37. Enya is Sad


    38. Elifsu Kartal

      they are so gonna disband after this album....

      1. Shifa'


    39. Jeniffer Salazar

      i just know this album is gonna heal me

    40. s h

      noha noha noha

    41. saltyseyeol

      i was like, "wait, this sounds familiar" ....

    42. FOREVAH

      This Is make me so sad

    43. Josiele Nascimento

      Não estava mais aguentando de saudades! Finalmente nossos meninos estão voltando, meu coração chega a ficar quentinho kkk

    44. Caro Belén Cancinos

      My boys!! I had chills 😭🔥❤️

    45. Misselli R Sakai

      ahhhh my tears....

    46. Misselli R Sakai

      ahhh my tears..

    47. LEE KNOW wants to become a singer

      New MYDAYS: why is there only 5 menbers?

    48. teume mashiho

      *emotionally twerking*

    49. Lula Fidea Nada


    50. Shalsa Aulia


    51. hi hello

      BEST BAND👑✋

    52. Fakara

      Letting Go??? What happened???

    53. Saaniya P

      im gonna cry so hardon 19th

    54. Leviosa Wing

      This feels like their last comeback :(

    55. chan's laptop

      I like how Letting Go’s MV is the next video on autoplay

    56. chan's laptop

      The dislikes are from crying fans who accidentally clicked the wrong button

    57. chan's laptop

      Anyone could easily tell jae’s (far left) and sungjin’s (far right) silhouette because of jae’s fabulous long hair and sungjin’s 👃 hahahah

    58. Fer Winchester

      Mis reyes ❤️

    59. Cho1

      잘 좀 해라ㅠㅜ 오래 보고 싶어

    60. Aldana Vazquez

      Grax, lloré

    61. Fahma Aqilah

      Love u all

    62. オーロラH-L


    63. Rose -ssi

      Omg! This makes MyDay🧡 DAY6🧡

    64. Мария Купер

      It's so great 😍

    65. Мария Купер


    66. naz nanaz

      I'm crying so hard cause letting go TwT

    67. syai n everything

      watching this in between ateez's kingdom stage's stream

      1. Sammi

        Thanks for helping Ateez too. We need all the help we can get for that stage.

    68. Raissa Nurverina

      I'm waiting! Even if they re-released letting go, am still waiting and still as hype as fck. Damn i miss their songs!!!♡

    69. Aadhi A blink

      Ok peers, I'll join with you . I really love their vocals and not tryna exaggerate but JYP please promote these guys

    70. Fariesha


    71. Sabila Imanda

      Miss you so much guys no no no i wanna cry right now

    72. zhamimi

      day6 songs make me feel at home

    73. Chae_chae_yoon

      Oh god they are the best thing i have ever found, they made me where I am now. Ahhhhhh I’m just do exited

    74. dyodol 12

      cant get this intro out of my mind

    75. Dasom

      It's just a silhouette, why I'm crying 😢😭.

    76. 동글이

      성진이가 보고싶네..

    77. James Onil Chavez

      They are gonna kill us to sadness this time.

    78. ovo

      분명 실루엣인데 영현이만 너무 빛나요..

    79. purplegirl02

      Day6 🥺💜

    80. thasya Indriwahyuni

      Siapsiap paatah hati lagi

    81. Indriani dwi Savana

      Hahahaha im crying

    82. Nadira Illenia

      "so you can smile someday~~" -letting go

    83. Raihul Aflah

      0:52 is when my tears fell down looking at sungjin silhouette

    84. Alysha Ford

      Not at me crying over the music and silhouettes right now...I can't wait for this, none of us can!

    85. Hana S

      I'm already crying and the comeback hasn't even been released yet...

    86. Elysia James


    87. Jaehyun's HotPack

      I'm already crying and the album isn't even out yet, this is going to be wild

    88. Terrence Caitlin


    89. 추바님 선해요


    90. Thokchom Miranava

      I'm so happy😊🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🤩 for knowing our DAY6 Oppa's comeback😇😇😇😇

    91. Bella Murti

      I miss yooo sm

    92. titik

      Letting go?? What is it? 🥺🥺 I'll never let you go NEVER

    93. titik


    94. kookiemonster

      even though ive been waiting since forever... I AM NOT READY

    95. Delia Asrokah

      Letting Go Cry

    96. Videre Clippings

      this teaser has ignited a strong DESPERATION for day6 to release the instrumental versions of their discography

      1. 04Ammy04

        I KNOWWWW

    97. Marina Comas Vidal


    98. Eupho ory

      Don't lie. It's not the first time you've been here.

    99. maja l


    100. Aliza Oh