DAY6 <The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love> Epilogue Film (Eng Ver.)

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    DAY6 <The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love> Epilogue Film (Eng Ver.)
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    1. Phchy ZZw

      Jae’s voice is like magic.🪄

    2. chickenlittlesbsf


    3. Malme Lee

      his voice just made me tear up damn

    4. Susanti Septri


    5. Lackadaisicality

      Popular opinion: Jae is one of the most precious people in this world.

      1. chickenlittlesbsf

        yes he is

    6. lia


    7. Paola Velásquez


    8. Paola Velásquez

      His voice just 😵💀

    9. Christine SJ

      Is this a teaser for comeback album or for kdrama 🥲

      1. chickenlittlesbsf

        or a netflix movie lmfao

      2. liz

        fr 😭

    10. joyce me

      This would be a emotional video

    11. jung Guk

      Jae's voice is so claiming that i can use this as my lullaby

    12. Ashley Potonia

      The voiceeee...

    13. Ashley Potonia

      Geezzzzz WAHHHHHHH😭

    14. ncsvn

      crying for 12345678910 times

    15. nay GOT7ATEEZ


    16. Jacquelynn Butler

      hate jype but I love the effort they but in these things with artists

    17. cris pea

      i can listen to this everytime i sleep

    18. Petrina Leng

      Jae’s voice is so soothing so satisfying and so calm🥺

    19. Thia Septhianie

      This has a vibe of an opening or an ending of a movie.. Soothing and nostalgic.. Great job Jae... \(^o^)/ PS : I'm replaying this for many many many many many times.... :D

    20. rokozeno chaya

      Imagine having a book of poetries composed by the members.

    21. rokozeno chaya

      This poetry. My heart.

    22. norclune

      Best english VO a kpop idol has ever done, truly. Well I expect nothing less from Jae, of course, but I definitely love his intonation here like he's saying all these words that have meaning not only saying block of words on paper just for aesthetic concept purpose. Can't wait for the album release for sure!!!

    23. Jae Minion


    24. Angelica Tayag

      mine + jae's voice

    25. YooKi

      Jae ♥

    26. Kat

      Miss u.

    27. Angel Florence Rupa

      I can't just stop watching and listening to this, Jae's voice soothe the pain I feel

    28. random ly

      too beautiful

    29. Jezfiya Huring

      Wow.. Can't wait for their come back😍😍

    30. drea

      I just know for a fact I’ll cry once it’s out

    31. ruupia

      Me trying to read the notebook and then noticing it's Korean: 🧐😮😩

    32. Lynnel Yap

      I really want to download the Mindset app, so sad my phone model is too old it can't handle my boi Jae's perfectness.

    33. baboot

      These sound like lyrics from this coming album

    34. Klare Walker

      it is painting a clear voice inside your head

    35. Alaa Asadi

      Jae's voice sounds loke a sweet lullaby

    36. m i l k u s t r a w b e r r y

      My heart is in love

    37. اسماء DAY6

      his voice :(

    38. اسماء DAY6

      i miss your voice

    39. اسماء DAY6

      jae i miss youuuuuhhh

    40. bella oktavianti

      first idol that makes me so adore with their music sooo much. the more i listen this, the more i miss them so much. i can't wait

    41. cris pea

      i love his voice so much

    42. Praise the Lord

      제형이 ㅠ.ㅠ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    43. hyunjaelani

      feels like I was in listening session at english class

    44. Ana Cortes

      they are so incredibly wonderful !! I'm so excited!!

    45. Clairebear


    46. aisyah nasution

      Hmmm,. Babang tampan

    47. allyza colina

      the voice, i can't .·´¯`(>▂

    48. lliill lliill


    49. 10:10

      Te amo

    50. 10:10

      I love u

    51. tjutup empatbln

      Aaaa jae

    52. Ardella Beatrish

      so aesthetic, success for day6 songgs, othoke I cant wait this, i wanna cry

    53. No Name

      Whyyyyy~ I literally have tears in my eyes and my heart feels heavy now! Thank you guys! I love you for it tho!

    54. yehudis

      all of us hearing one second of the voice and knowing who it is and crying because we missed him

    55. Wilmaren Pescuela

      I felt something about the background music 🎶. I feel sadness 🥺

    56. jamila mel

      i got goosebumps when he said "precious love still does not fade, but lingers." seriously, what a beautiful quote.

    57. E Katiechia


    58. Najeebah

      Wait why is her ring on his table at the end??? Did she die??? We're gonna get another heartbreak album aren't we???? 🤣

    59. Nadiasnaff


    60. Junkookie Kombucha

      This so expansive can't wait

    61. Firdha Febriyanti

      Jadi pen mantaiii trus liat sunset bareng mereka

    62. Harliyana H

      I want this badly

    63. Chae_chae_yoon

      This man can do so much to me with one fucking sentence

    64. Unggul Indah Afifatur Rodliyah

      Goodd 😍😍😍😍

    65. Aryana Wright


    66. 04Ammy04

      We've missed you Jae. True MyDay will always have your back. ♡

    67. Lula Cabarcos

      I swear I just melted. His voice is so perfect😭 I loved it💖

    68. Starlight Fer

      i'm so proud of you jae... :))))

    69. whoaml

      Какая классная атмосфера и голос Джэ....

    70. Milo Tuan

      ahh jae's voice... T_T

    71. E.Y Evinta

      Moksori cottaaaaaaa

    72. Tiara GD

      jae's voice ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈༶)

    73. Kyra G.

      I just became even more inlove with Jae, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I COULD LOVE HIM EVEN MORE

    74. Gail Padilla

      Been here for the nth time because Jae's voice was so soothing and gentle

    75. Kimberly Paul

      Thank you for giving us beautiful songs with beautiful and heart touching lyrics and message. Thank you so much for giving us such good music. We will treasure it a lot. I love you so much, DAY6. You seriously completed me as a person with all of your songs. 🤧❣️

    76. Kimberly Paul

      This surely be a very beautiful masterpiece again, DAY6. 🤧❣️ I cannot weyt to finally hear and listen to your songs again. I love you all so much.

    77. Kimberly Paul

      Argh. God knows how much I'm missing you, Jae. 🤧❣️

    78. Kimberly Paul

      Your voice always make my heart melt. 🤧❣️

    79. Kimberly Paul

      Your voice is really chilling and soothing. And I love it so much Jae. 🤧❣️

    80. Kimberly Paul

      Jaee. 🤧❣️

    81. Kimberly Paul

      Jaee. 🤧❣️

    82. Younghyun Kang

      rewatching this again cuz this film is so comforting

    83. Faza Salsabila

      Omg jae's voice...

    84. Fiya Aulia


    85. Adriana Mauricio

      Omg se viene lo chido , day6 is fabulous

    86. valentina tafur

      Aaa que preciosaa la voz de Jae :3

    87. glowing fairy

      suaramu mas..

    88. Sparxy

      1:56, what an epic riff, im so excited for this album, we getting 7 more absolute bangers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    89. xiaojun babies

      jae's voice is so calming

    90. xiaojun babies

      im crying aksgshgshs

    91. Rashika Subba

      Let's support them always myday ❤️❤️

    92. Rashika Subba

      His voice and the tone he spoke is so touching ❤️❤️❤️can't help crying badly❤️❤️❤️

    93. Parisa

      Jae's voice... ✨

    94. aelorellitsa

      Precious love Still does not fade but lingers...❤️❤️❤️ -The Book of Us: Negentropy 🌅 Day6 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    95. jaera park

      That voice is so soothing.... Like i wanna marry Jae's voice

    96. Annisa Fricylia Saputrie

      I miss you Jae

    97. Pam Sushirolls


    98. jxinthemoon forever


    99. Dana Krylovetskaya

      Omg thats amazing 🍃🌱