DAY6 <The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love> Epilogue Film

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    DAY6 <The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love> Epilogue Film
    Listen to DAY6 (Even of Day) "The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart"
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    1. 도미찜

      미쳤나..... 개좋다 진짜

    2. Phchy ZZw

      I can’t wait to listen this! 💕 🎧

    3. Syarofatil Villayah

      The tone of video love it guysss

    4. nay GOT7ATEEZ


    5. STAY strong Like an ARMY

      an epilogue😭

    6. Psikolog Venüs

      MyDay değilim ama çok heyecanlandım ve kesinlikle bol bol destekleyeceğim onları comebacklrrinde

    7. Psikolog Venüs

      Çok güzel şeyler gelecek ya

    8. barrientos'sandy

      JYP I love your groups, but learn how to make teaser please.

      1. Shifa'

        Wait what is wrong? Are you talking about this video specifically? Because this is an epilogue, not a teaser... Gluon + The Demon teasers were good in my opinion.

      2. barrientos'sandy

        @Retro IMP Why do you say that? I say this because he doesn't really know how to teaser, i'm sorry if he offended you, but don't offend the other groups don't get so far, learn to keep your silly opinions and talk like that about the groups, if you have hatreds against them die you don't serve as a fan of any, you suck and you just like to make others look like crap , you are the garbage not the TEASER of Bighit or any company... JYP IS AN ASCO COMPANY LIKE ALL, because they defend it? I speak for the kids not for the company, what kind of thinking do you have? Worry more about Idols and not defending your company or its ceo. Day6 is art, BTS is art, Tomorrow x together is art, SKZ is art... I'm multifandom, I'm not just stop talking nonsense to me please. I will speak and defend any group that you and others come to treat like nothing, like something worthless. Good night, I hope and tomorrow you have a good thought.

      3. Retro IMP

        You're a fan of BigShit.. That says it all, YOU DON'T KNOW THAT THIS IS A REAL TEASER AND NOT LIKE THOSE OF BITIEZ AND TIEXTI, those "teasers" are TRASH

    9. Наталина Новакова

      But did you really have to remind me of my ex?

    10. Ashley Potonia


    11. Ashley Potonia

      I LOVE IT!!💙

    12. Ashley Potonia


    13. Jean Alfaro

      Young K's voice 😍🤧

    14. Naura Sofia


    15. naila karen

      this is so good

    16. Akaashi Keiji

      Love day6

    17. ᎮᏗᏒᏦ ᎧᏁ ᎷᎥ៹


    18. eggceptional skz

      i feel like i would cry the moment i'll hear this song

    19. eggceptional skz

      aaaaaa i like it already, another masterpiece from those masterpiece itself

    20. melika ensani

      Can sb explain how their comeback is, i'm somehow confused

    21. James Onil Chavez

      I super love the cinematography

    22. 천사

      Why does it feel like watching the ending of a kdrama?😩

    23. Kimberly Paul

      I seriously can't weyt to hear this and all in the track list. 🤧❣️ If it's DAY6 songs then it surely be very beautiful but this time their songs gonna be a song to heal everyone's hearts and minds. I can't weytt I'm extremely excited for your comebackk day6. 🤧❣️ I love you all so much.

    24. Kimberly Paul

      Can't weyt for this 🤧❣️

    25. Kimberly Paul

      This really made me cry. 🤧❣️

    26. em

      poets been real quiet since this

    27. connie_slv

      AHHH espero esto con ansias.

    28. jaera park

      I'm not prepared to cry. Lol

    29. lexi

      close your eyes while listening to this I SWEAR!

    30. Rosé

      DAY6 gonna makes my 2021 better. Oh, I mean 'our'

    31. Thokchom Miranava

      Finally DAY6 is comeback 😇😄🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩

    32. laine go

      This is the first time im actually proud at how JYPE handled this (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

    33. Marina Comas Vidal

      Why am I already crying ;u;

    34. Nia Diyanti


    35. 토리

      컴백 15일전..

    36. I WANNABE me me me

      Me: *waiting for Day6 comeback like waiting penthouse episode every week* I will keep waiting

    37. Niken Larasati

      I cry for the music and youngK's voice 🥺🥺

    38. ahgaday

      so warm

    39. ahgaday

      😭 PLEASE

    40. wapsé supremacist

      this is so beautiful omg..

    41. Naawaaulia L

      Suara siapa itu?

    42. Lillie Thomasset

      I think I might cry when I listen to it ngl T.T

    43. ovo

      아 진짜 좋다 아 진짜 좋은데? 아 진짜 좋네 아 진짜 좋구나 아 진짜 좋은 듯... 아 진짜 좋아 아 진짜 사랑해💗

    44. serenay ben

      Listening to this while doing my work from home is so healing and makes me relaxed and less stressed about my work

    45. snow_ flake

      I can't wait to listen to this...

    46. Luzain Ahmad

      Myday is a fandom where people enjoy music. Feel the music. Feel the emotion. Get the message the boys are trying to pass through their work. Understand the concept. Appreciate the artists and their art. Isnt it what music is supposed to do? Heal, make people feel different emotions, even when people dont understand the language, they can feel it.

    47. Isa aa

      The art can't be hidden. When people asked me for Day6 I always said "Their artistic way of doing thing things, will blow your mind" They are talented, beautiful people (inside and outside), good musicians but no one can, even if it's the first time seeing a Day6 performance that they're aren't creative and artistic. How did they come up with such beautiful albums???

    48. ronaline


    49. mariez souvent

      bye Mom, I'm marrying YoungK's voice :>

    50. Ilenis Gómez

      How warm😭😭😭😭

    51. Sana TV

      i just love how beautifully it is written❤️

    52. sahar fitriana

      Kangen bangeet

    53. Maede Kalantary

      Hello,do not be tired🤗 Two of my friends and l want to test in yonur company But no matter how much we fill out the online form, it will not be sent to you

    54. Kail McKae

      My heart

    55. Widya Nurrahmah


    56. Day6 makes life better

      help when the beat changes at 1:43 i get chills

      1. deedabru e

        sameeee 😭😭

    57. Anak Nyasar

      Can't wait🥺

    58. GFD GDF

      My dear Young K, U know your voice is a master piece right? And, just for you to know, your voice led the way for me to love you. Thank you. ♥

    59. mutiara sari


    60. l


    61. Seojun Han

      I stanned day6 since TBOU: DEMON how about you?

    62. Seojun Han

      Thank got they have subbers now

    63. Iced Americano

      Ampun deh suara youngK

    64. 밍

      아 너무 너무 기대가 된다.. 이번 컴백곡 에필로그 벌써부터 취저 입니다 ㅜ.....


      Is this YoungK's voice ???

      1. but why


    66. Kim Valentine

      Myday ຈາກປະເທດລາວ ຈະ Support Day6 ເຕັມທີ່ເທົ່າທີ່ຈະເຮັດໄດ້ ~ ເປັນມາຍເດໃໝ່ ຍັງບໍ່ຮອດປີຊຳ້ 😬 ແຕ່ສັນຍາວ່າຖ້າຖືກເລກ 4 ໂຕ ຊິໂປຣໂມດ new Album ຂອງ Day6 ຢູ່ເສົາທຽນພັນສາຂອງເຂດເສດຖະກິດພິເສດ ບຶງທາດຫຼວງໃຫ້ເລີຍ 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    67. ronaldz

      *yesss day6*

    68. DAY \7

      THE BEST COMEBACK OF 2021!!!!

    69. firda rastia

      until recently, I believed that everything in this world was interconnected. books (words, poet), music, language, paintings are the things that connect us. i saw it all in this video.

    70. Mariia czennie-mk

      yes were all gonna cry .......

    71. shxxmi1771

      Aesthetic bgt dah :"""""

    72. Riya Rin

      can't wait

    73. 주은

      데이식스 사랑해

    74. Stephanie

      this is so beautiful. i swear day6 is so underrated.

    75. gru on gard

      negentropy...negative entropy? so, like, instead of scattering, it will be coming back together? opposite of entropy

    76. Penguin.Potato

      this is like the saddest comeback i've ever anticipated.. because sungjin will be gone for a while..

    77. my wallet is empty

      mydays: welp time to advertise day6 the hecc everywhere

    78. Mahdiyah Shufyun Nahda

      Gk sabar buat dengerin lagu nya..... Pastinya PEECHAHH banget huhu

    79. celine

      this is beautiful

    80. Faith Sical

      Aaaah I can hear Brian's deep voice through the earphones 😭💖


      can't wait for another MASTERPIECE from DAY6

    82. ZeFaNa Noija

    83. haru lee


    84. 11:11

      I am so thankful that the universe decided to give birth to 5 amazingly talented guys who make amazing music. Honestly at this points I don't want to call it music, but art, comfort, healing. I really cannot explain into words how important Day6 is to me.

    85. WinterX Rain

      Just narative but makes me cry:(

    86. G r i z z

      never been this early to a day6 song premiere

    87. angelina

      English or Korean please..?

    88. 5 5

      But I love it's film actually

    89. Anays Guzmán


    90. mccnbinnie

      This album going to be so healing for the soul fill ugh love✨🧡

    91. Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

      Huweeeeee 😭 ga bisa sabar

    92. 나밍밍

      데이식스 흥하자!!!!!!!!!!!

    93. xiyeh AK


    94. 04Ammy04

      At 2:15, is that KangWonDO under the pen in the small rowboat finally meeting up with Sungjin and Jae in the top right corner ??

    95. Xoxo Stan Daehyeon

      I'm already feeling the vibe Like The cold breeze and me listening to this and reading book 😌♥️

    96. N c

      Myfirst comeback TT . Am so lucky!

    97. Naomi Zahra Putri

      I love the way he speaks, his poem, music and pictures✨❤️

    98. twillight


    99. 나무

      너 무 좋다 어떡하쥐