GOT7 "Breath of Love : Last Piece" ALBUM SPOILER

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    GOT7 "Breath of Love : Last Piece" ALBUM SPOILER
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    1. Zainab !


    2. Park Jinyoung

      This ablum is bop

    3. Safaraz Safwan

      이젠 내가 할게(From now on I'll do it)/(Thank You, Sorry) is my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite track in the album it has that really chill lo-fi vibes to it. 역쉬이이 갓세분 막내 형 짱이다아아아!!!

    4. Su Lay

      0:42 to 0:57

    5. sugaryespls


    6. TWICE _Malaysia

      I like to Breath.hehe

    7. YGE SPY

      This hit differently now that G0T7 is leaving JYP. Good luck, Boys! Fighting!

    8. JANA

      Stay strong agasei fighting! don't give up! We always with you 💜💚 ꧁ARMY꧂

    9. ella

      AGHASE hwaiting! 💚💚 Got 7 hwaiting! 💚💚 💜💜💜

    10. b2- 4ac


    11. Kseniya Kravchenko

      #got7forever 💚

    12. Josefina Pérez uwu


    13. هيونجين //ياسو ماي لايف


    14. I love kpop


    15. Sara Muhammad


    16. Viktoria Petrova

      Who is here just before the disband of GOT7? 😭😭😭

      1. Viktoria Petrova

        @ella I heard that they’re discussing signing contracts with different companies but they will spend time together when they can.

      2. ella

        @Viktoria Petrova no they r not... They said that they will continue activities as a grp too... Hey AGHASE! Don't lose hope like that... 💚💚💜💜

      3. Viktoria Petrova

        @ella Actually they are... At the end of this month... 😭

      4. ella

        They r not disbanding

    17. estloves

      GOT7FOREVER !!!

    18. JB Def

      We are young

    19. JB Def

      I mean it

    20. JB Def


    21. JB Def

      It Korea idk

    22. JB Def

      Waiting for you

    23. JB Def


    24. JB Def


    25. JB Def


    26. JB Def


    27. JB Def

      You know what

    28. JB Def

      All song is so amazing

    29. Lili C.

      Put your hands up for the kings!

    30. 우주호랑이

      "꿀알바" 나이/지역/장소 X 합법적인 간단알바 하루 3만원 카카오톡 상단 돋보기 클릭!! ""m꿀잡""검색

    31. chocolate choco

      dahyun jb unpleasant

    32. 채론

      천재 영재 넌날숨쉬게해♡

    33. NB NB


    34. GOT7 KING


    35. Fitri Salekha IV

      Still here always here.

    36. Fathima Naz

      Don't worry boys we came already we want u still walking with us good luck may god give this hard time for a good thing and happiness is not so far ur new fan 🤩🥰🥰🥰

    37. Fitri Salekha IV

      Album of my life

    38. Diệu Hương Phạm

      Nhạc hay!!!!

    39. aisha irwn

      Ohhh I love Born Ready sm

    40. JisooJinyoungGotPink 7

      How come JB's neck is still fine? Anyways pls stre**m JUST RIGHT and YCMN shopee video so it can be a lot and shopee will invite them again. I never saw a shopee company treating got7 so good like indonesian one. Please guys, last time Gfriend came 5 months a go and 1.7 M is the highest vieww of their video. LAST PIECE MV BREATH MV DANCE PRACTICES FOR BOTH JUST RIGHT AND YCMN SHOPEE MAMA PERFORMANCE * DONT HAVE TO STREAMM OLDER MVS NOW. STREAMM THE LASTEST VIDEO TO ATTRACT NEWER FANS!! WE WILL STRE*M OLDER ONES AFTER A MONTH

    41. tomato

      y’all im so glad ive found a non skip album again, it’s been a while since that happened, got7 kings

    42. Gül Okkalii

      I mean it we need it video next singleeee

    43. Gül Okkalii

      Jb youngjae👍🏻🖤

    44. Promita Mandal

      My fav tracks 1. Breathe 2. Wave 3. Last piece 4. Waiting for you Edit : i luv the whole album. Every song is a masterpiece

    45. Who Dunit

      Please VOTE in mubeat! Only 8 hours left, close fight! We can do this!!! AHGASES COPY & PASTE THIS What u should spin : - Last piece mv - Breath mv - Last piece mubank - Breath mubank - Last piece mucore - Breath mucore Why? To ensure good scores for music shows

    46. Ryonz 03


    47. Солонго NU20D004

      last piece

    48. Солонго NU20D004


    49. Shaakira Davood

      Love it soooo muchhhh😭😭😭💚💚💚🌟🎶😍😍

    50. IGot7 Forever Kuhu fr them at Mubeats, last piece is on 2nd place till now. Lets make it 1st and spread it wherever we can! Fighting!!

    51. 쏘지마세요


    52. ariana

      Let's get this to 1M shall we

    53. Mr. Nobody

      I also want to become a K-pop idol now I am 11 and when I will be 12 so I will audition in jyp.

    54. B R

      Who wrote the last three songs??

      1. Diệu Hương Phạm

        It has the names of composers on video 💚

    55. Fitri Salekha IV

      I'm in love with this album

    56. Gulshan Kasana

      Will they disband on 1 January 😭😭 plz sure me jyp is disbanding so let me know

    57. Talita M

      Okay but the Waiting for you song, and we are young.

    58. syth

      El álbum del año :)

    59. Loly Soribel

      señores comenten en español así se ve la influencia de GOT7 en Latinoamericana

    60. Vari Antonia


    61. Janisha Dima

      They look so freaking goddesses *green heart

    62. Sweetchild

      They are angels in the form of human. I mean just look at them visuals . Natural beauty 😭 (so envious) m a girl BTW

    63. Kseoul Music

      All JB fans. Check out this video. A treat to both your eyes and ears

    64. kayla danisha fitria danisha

      Remember got7 so talent

    65. kayla danisha fitria danisha

      Streaming video jyp entertainment guys

    66. kayla danisha fitria danisha

      OMG got7 ILY🔥🎉

    67. igot 7!


    68. Sedef Yağmur Dutlu

      Albümün tamamını birazdan dinlemeye gidicem teaser’lardan sonra

    69. Got7191 Eclipse

      Got7 best group in the world


      yugyeom is so handsome

    71. tata sm


    72. Elen Degenerator

    73. Relax Music для Души

      Good People Hello! Health, Peace and Love to You!

    74. Laiane Eleuterio

      Todos maravilhosos

    75. Abhijna Naik

      Worst song

    76. Маrina

      Попадание в самое сердце.

    77. Salbiah Shuib

      For my opinion the concepts this album really good 👍👍👍🙂💚💚💚

    78. Salbiah Shuib

      For me Got7 really did a good job in this album 👍👍👍🙂staff or team who's working in this album also did a good job 👍👍👍🙂💚💚💚

    79. Salbiah Shuib

      All song in this album it's really good 👍👍👍👍👍🙂💚💚💚

    80. MiaSekarwati 9

      Like all song

    81. Intan Rohana devi


    82. Morラ Lüst

      Hi, girls What is your fav song from the album? Born ready is such precious for me

    83. Chhay Heng

      I love you 💖 JB

    84. Chxrry Glo5s

      ok but thank you, sorry is so my vibe

    85. ahgase got7

      i smell album of the year here.....

    86. Olver Adauto

      Like like

    87. Icatiani Oliver

      Cosha bonita cosha bien hecha!!! Quedé bien enamorada!!!

    88. Aries Energy

      If you still haven't listened to the whole album yet. Don't wait any longer. Go for it cos you won't regret it.

    89. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      A no-skip album! A MASTERPIECE.

    90. Lizbeth Osorio 1


    91. Chinmya Yadav


    92. Tqt1002

      The whole album is masterpiece.

    93. aliyah

      this album is a masterpiece

    94. Takahiro

      Тончайшие блинчики на молоке получаются по этому рецепту. В составе блинного теста нет ни разрыхлителя, ни соды, ни дрожжей. Блинчики получаются тонкими и нежными из-за консистенции теста. А вкус - выше всяких похвал!

    95. Соня vai Pets

      это волшебно. Гаты как всегда на высоте!

    96. JB Cant Open His Eyes -BamBam

      Deserves album of the year!!

    97. Blue Galvez

      All the songs sound so good.