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    1. AthenaStella

      keep on spinning for Got7!!

    2. cloudyoon_

      I'm still wearing my GOT7 T-shirt till now. 🤧

    3. Chanidaporn Siriyotha

      Got7 forever💕 คิดถึงจริงๆ😢 ยังไงก็จะเป็นอากาเซ่ตลอดไป🐦❤

    4. Ahgase Exo-L blink

      My answer!!!

    5. Karima Allame

      I miss these boys

    6. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

      Last Spin for now, my head is spinning. Go ENCORE ENCORE, get it? See ya later Birdie Birds

    7. lily

      eto talaga rason bat ang agap ko magising e para mag spin lol school's pretty chill now bc hell week last week agh spinning this masterpiece with u all

      1. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

        reason to roll out of bed

    8. Pornpana Umpaivit

      Good Morning......... GOT7&IGOT7 !! Have a Happy Day & Night ^_____^

      1. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

        good morning!

    9. Kim N

      Encore encore :)

      1. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

        team wang, team wang (:

    10. mei

      happy mondayyyy!

      1. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

        happy monday!

    11. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      Hi fam, I have a question. [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK] Are you 1 of the people should I say this...diligently come to the comments sections every day & comment "don't be lazy" "the views aren't going up, are you even streaming?" :) & I mean every. single. day. at almost every hour. Is it effective? & does it motivate you to stream if you see those kind of comments? Coz if it does, then what are we waiting for?! ; let's comment that every day & even attach our names to it as proof.! That way, we'd know who's absent or sumthn. The more, the merrier. & if you stopped, WHY? Why didn't you go back the following day? Or even the following week? Or.. You know what I mean. I really hope there are lots of you who'd reply YES to me HERE. Coz if not, *I* personally would think that THOSE people are the ones who aren't streaming. I understand the resentment & the willingness to increase the views. That's why we spin. The only people who are most entitled to complain are the daily spinners. If you spin daily, other daily spinners will know, so don't even try to pretend. I can't even hold a candle to the spinners who are consistently here & you'll know that if you're here every day. (excuse my sarcasm. I am part evil, after all. Phoenix mode, assassin breed, easily provoked). Just kidding. (-_-) meh. Srsly tho, Face me HERE , NOT screencap & share on socmed. Coz if you tweet/post that there, istg they'll just read it & go on with their lives & won't bother to come here. Let ME see if people are really reading comments & gets "motivated" if they're called out. Imagine nag-aaral kang mabuti, gumagawa ng mga gawaing bahay, nagtatrabaho nang maayos, tina-try mo best mo hahit busy ka pero sasabihan ka pang "tamad, kulang sa effort & walang pakialam" ng pamilya mo, & wala kang choice kundi mabasa yon. Pwede naman mag remind nang maayos & makatao. Filo Ahgases, pls translate. Or if you really want to say those things, you can put "FOR THOSE WHO AREN'T SPINNING DAILY ONLY" at the top, so that daily spinners will know that your insults aren't meant for them. That's really fine & might be the best way (I think). Like how you put tw// for sensitive topics. Not everyone deserves to see toxic comments. I want to increase the views asap as well, that's why I'm asking if you want me & other Ahgases to comment & call Ahgases "lazy" etc. for everyone to see, if that is REALLY effective. Pls forgive me if I sound so irritated BECAUSE I AM. & yes, I'm proud & arrogant (both in a good & a bad way), call me whatever you want. Again, excuse my mouth. These are my thoughts & opinions; neither the artists nor the fandom has something to do with it. If you request that I delete this comment, I'll immediately do that as soon as I see it. & sorry for my bad English.

      1. Ⴑ ǝ ᴟ

        EXACTLY! I actually miss Ranting haha

      2. Pornpana Umpaivit


      3. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

        + btw, I just don't have the heart to comment this long a$$ comment on Encore mv. PLEASE STREAM ENCORE. TYSM. (:

    12. just loving got7

      bambam with red hair is art

    13. just loving got7

      with you


      Son perfectos entristece que ya no los veremos juntos :(((( Solo nunca olviden cuanto los amamos y siempre estaremos ahí para ustedes!!!!! ❤️ 💖 💞 💓

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Good Morning kaaaa.... ^____^

    15. winggoddess

      Here I go again

    16. Lili C.

      Here ^^

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Here 2 >_^

    17. Beltram blink

      Omg amo esta canción por qué no la conocía

    18. A.J F

      Our boys are back under Warner bros Korea and I am so frickin happy. I can't imagine kpop without them. They are insanely talented and should be one of the kpop's huge success group. These guys are insanely gifted talented and unique. 2021 started out with them not renewing fear of no more Got7 making me feel really sad. Now its huge happiness. A MASSIVE HUGE THANK YOU TO WARNER BROS KOREA❣

    19. Lora Ren

      7 for 7

    20. OJM

      You know what? I'm here ^^

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit


    21. Nallely Michelle Flores Cruz


    22. 1d somi


    23. Nicole B


    24. proud ahgase

      you know what????

    25. Unknown L

      With you

      1. mei


      2. OJM

        Here Lia ♡

      3. sormayın bilmiyorum

        With u lia ^^

      4. proud ahgase

        with you ♡

    26. AreeYong

      I love you very much. And I want to follow your work forever.

    27. Marijo perez

      LAST PIECE !!

    28. Z R yedek kulübe

      Demir kapı, kör pencere Yastığım, ranzam, zincirim ..

    29. Bárbara Naomi

      The most important piece

    30. Nallely Michelle Flores Cruz


    31. Lia Ahgase

      I think Jinyoung ( in red outfit ) looked really sexy in this MV

      1. just loving got7

        oh God, yesss

    32. Eleni A2.

      Back here:)

      1. OJM

        Hiiii Eleni!! ^^

      2. Lia Ahgase

        Woohooo With you , Eleni

    33. Ruth Rich


      1. Lia Ahgase

        With you

    34. Waqar Binamin

      Love love

    35. sormayın bilmiyorum

      Ahgas3 forever

      1. sormayın bilmiyorum

        @Lia Ahgase yesss

      2. Lia Ahgase

        Forever with GOT7

    36. Vianna Nolen-Peters

      33,798,327 - Keep Spinning!

    37. Fatin RRQ_Lemon


    38. Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7

      My loves

    39. Divya GOT7 skrrt

      Good night chingus ^_^ Keep spinning ♡ Love my boys and y'll ♡

      1. Lia Ahgase

        Good night Divya !!!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work today Sweet dreams and see you tmr

      2. Eleni A2.

        Good night, rest well!

      3. Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7

        Good night divya

      4. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

        Good Night ^♡^

    40. Miso Ahgase 7

      Fighting Ahgases ♡♡

      1. Lia Ahgase

        With you Miso

      2. Eleni A2.


      3. Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7


      4. IGot7 Forever Kuhu


      5. Divya GOT7 skrrt


      1. Divya GOT7 skrrt

    41. julia magalhães


    42. Ahgase Exo-L blink

      For you♡

    43. Ahgase Exo-L blink


    44. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

      Last PEACE

      1. Divya GOT7 skrrt

    45. Camila Rios

      Me encanta como la luz se prende cuando aparece youngjae.

    46. Ahgabirdy Pat

      Keep spinning encore please! Lets get it to 10M fast!

    47. 7 Heaven

      Why do we still on 33M? Let's get 40M this moth ok ahgase? UwU keep sp°ning

      1. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

        Spinning~ ^^

    48. Divya GOT7 skrrt

      My home LP^_^

      1. Miso Ahgase 7


      2. IGot7 Forever Kuhu


    49. sormayın bilmiyorum


    50. blormaa

      789977 ~

      1. Miso Ahgase 7

        797193 :)

    51. Lia Ahgase

      You know what , I really want to see the new million , let’s go Ahgafam

      1. Eleni A2.

        @Lia Ahgase I'm doing well, who are you dear?

      2. Lia Ahgase

        @Eleni A2. Eleni !!!!!!!!! How are you doing my friend?

      3. Eleni A2.


      4. Miso Ahgase 7


      5. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

        Let's go :)))

    52. encore

      I know what

    53. Kclsn Dcklckc

      I know what I Love you GOT7

    54. Rosa St

      I know what ♡

      1. blormaa

    55. Bárbara Naomi

      You know what

    56. Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7

      lAsT pİeCe

    57. sormayın bilmiyorum

      B.O.L Station~

    58. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

      이 글을 읽고 있다면 번역기를 사용했다는 뜻입니다 .... 왜 그런지 궁금 해요? ㅋㅋ

      1. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

        @Divya GOT7 skrrt lol

      2. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        Hmmmm ok What???????

    59. Z R yedek kulübe

      Şairler yazmadan önce kimse ölümü sevmezdi ..

    60. One of JB's best friend.

      Masterpiece ♡

      1. IGot7 Forever Kuhu


    61. def: ur leadernim2

      *the final piece is you AHGASE*

      1. def: ur leadernim2

        @IGot7 Forever Kuhu :*

      2. IGot7 Forever Kuhu


      3. def: ur leadernim2

        @One of JB's best friend. ♡

    62. MyDay6Ahgase7

      Are birds still spinning this? Please do, the boys worked hard for it

      1. def: ur leadernim2

        see the new comments :D were still here :P

    63. sara absz

      The best

    64. jelu


    65. eassszzy gyeom

      33, 780, 317

    66. Ⴑem may

      Last Piece: Love Piece

    67. Anis Najwa 1.0

      JAY B, Mark, Jackson, Park Jinyoung, Choi Youngjae, Bambam, Kim Yugyeom, GOT7. They couldn't hear our fanchat bcs of this damn covid-19 ;))

    68. Lady Birdie

      Let's go. Don't stop Ahgafam

    69. Pornpana Umpaivit

      33, 777,727.... Give Me Your Breath Of Love ~~ Hope one of us comment when it 777,777 !!! >___^

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Anis Najwa 1.0 Ahhh.... You are so close!!! \(^-^)/

      2. Anis Najwa 1.0

        It's alr 779 when I'm here, wish I came here early ;))

    70. Asel Erkinbaeva • asieag


    71. Anis Najwa 1.0

      You know there are less comments in Encore when you found each other quickly >~

    72. Eleni A2.


    73. def: ur leadernim2

      manually spinning.

    74. Kclsn Dcklckc

      Love you GOT7

    75. fitrisal beom

      Here we gi

    76. Rekha ekka


      1. def: ur leadernim2


    77. Nea

      _Encore Encore Encore_

    78. Dj0109 —

      World!!! Don't forget, GOT7 is still united, they released "Encore", and also individual songs/dance (in the case of Yugyeom).

    79. lily

      we love an independent kpop group

    80. Yo Yo


    81. blormaa


    82. Nur Alyaa

      Keep spinning fam ♡

      1. blormaa

    83. GenGot7


    84. def: ur leadernim 5!

      eating again ahaha

      1. def: ur leadernim 5!

        didn't get any notif now. i think im invisible ~T_T~

      2. Rekha ekka


      3. blormaa

        Me too XD

    85. Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7

      Lütfen inan bana~ •́ ‿ ,•̀

      1. blormaa


    86. Pornpana Umpaivit

      You're The Missing Last Piece ~~

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @blormaa Skrrtt

      2. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @def: ur leadernim 5! ^_____^

      3. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7 ^___^

      4. blormaa

      5. def: ur leadernim 5!

        with u

    87. sormayın bilmiyorum

      Şimdi farklı, pek çok hatamı telafi edeceğim~

    88. jen l

      It’s the weekend! Let’s spin!

      1. Kim N


      2. sormayın bilmiyorum


    89. Divya GOT7 skrrt

      Skrrt skrrt ^_^

      1. Rekha ekka


      2. blormaa

        Skrrt ;)

      3. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Skrrtt Skrrtt ~ >____^

      4. sormayın bilmiyorum

        Skrrt skrrrtt

    90. got7direction

      Last piece

    91. GOT7 Forever

      Good morning!!

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Good Morning ^__^

      2. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        Morning ^^

    92. Nea

      I'm waiting for GOT7 to drop a music entitled "I'm still here".

    93. yenne

      keep spinning this and encore!

    94. Ali-li Bashier

      This is GOT7 masterpiece is fave